While other companies recognize the advantages of steel, no other company offers products similar to HabiTek’s menu of bolt together components with the benefits of design flexibility, short realization time, ease of assembly and superior quality and strength.

Some Advantages of Using Steel
  • Steel members are always straight and true
  • Steel’s strength to weight ratio is much higher than wood
  • Steel is non-combustible (reduced fire hazard)
  • Steel is dimensionally exact and quality is consistent
  • Steel is immune to insects (termites, carpenter ants)
  • Steel is more easily transported (less bulk and weight than wood)
  • Steel is 100% recyclable

Some Advantages of Pre-Fabrication
  • Savings in labor costs and interest by reducing construction time
  • Fewer unforeseen delays and construction errors
  • Guaranteed prices to buyers
  • Greatly enhanced quality control
  • Less waste, on and off the construction site
  • Higher quality materials and components
  • Less vulnerable to weather delays and damage
  • Less exposure to job site pilferage and vandalism
  • Lower material handling costs

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