For over twenty years, Greg Higgins has undertaken extensive research in residential building technology, traveling throughout the United States and Japan. His interest in housing technology, systems building, and sustainability, including the design of passive solar homes and solar heated commercial greenhouses, has been driven by a desire to both improve the quality of housing and lower associated costs.

One of the original members of the American Iron and Steel Institute's Residential Advisory Group, Greg has long been involved in the use of steel components in residential applications. He was awarded a US patent for the revolutionary HabiTek steel framing system, which combines steel and wood members to achieve broad design flexibility. By using mass produced components that can be quickly assembled by relatively unskilled crews, Greg developed a hybrid (steel + wood) system often described as a full-scale erector set.

Greg founded HabiTekĀ®, LLC to further research and development of steel-based modular framing technology, particularly in low and medium-rise structures such as apartments, hotels, single-family homes, and vacation retreats. In addition to founding the company, Greg acts as Managing Director from HabiTek headquarters in Spokane, Washington. He oversees activities of various supplies and consultants and takes a personal interest in projects on which the HabiTek system has been utilized.

Greg holds a Bachelor of Architecture Degree from Washington State University, and a Master of Science Degree in Architecture from Columbia University, New York City.