Bunk House

Location: Coeur d’Alene River (Prichard, ID)
Architect: Greg Higgins
Structural Engineer: Dave Thomas, PE, KPFF Consulting Engineers, Seattle, WA
Steel components/panels: HabiTek, LLC
Scope: 270sf (dry cabin)

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The Bunkhouse was HabiTek’s first full-scale prototype project. This structure is located in a flood plain near the Coeur d’Alene River. Indeed, note in this photo dated spring 2008, flood waters have reached the top of the concrete piers. This small project brought the system concept to life, and explored the ability of laypersons to participate in a kind of barn-raising event. The community of family, friends, and neighbors that assembled the structure proved, at least for smaller projects, the DIY approach works using HabiTek’s steel components.

“I provided structural engineering assistance to Greg Higgins and HabiTek during the development of the system and the design of the Bunk House, Country Cottage and the Honomu House projects. The steel HabiTek components are lightweight, strong, and precisely made, and they fit together quickly and easily, using just hand tools. I know this first hand. I once visited the County Cottage during construction, and pitched in with the crew for an afternoon. It was actually quite enjoyable to help assemble.

Combined with wood, floor and roof panels, or even steel X-bracing, the system creates a tough, well connected structure able to resist earthquakes, high winds, and heavy floor and roof loads. The steel components provide a resilient well connected framework to secure the enclosure panels which participate in resisting lateral forces.”

–Dave Thomas, P.E., S.E.