Resilient Construction

Building resilient, high-quality, and affordable housing is, of course, a huge challenge in the wake of natural disasters. It is often exacerbated by the fact skilled builders are in short supply. As has been reported, there is a severe shortage of people skilled in the construction trades throughout the Caribbean after Irma and Maria.

HabiTek’s design-neutral, cutting-edge, do-it-yourself steel framing system is ideal for regions hard-hit by disasters. The erector-set like design is a faster, more efficient way to provide both short & long term solutions. Our lightweight steel framing system can be erected in days by almost any able bodied 2-person team without heavy machinery, or even power tools. After the concrete footings are poured, a pre-engineered HabiTek steel framework can be assembled in a fraction of the time it takes to pour concrete walls, set concrete blocks, or even frame using wood.

Skilled carpenters, electricians and plumbers, will, of course, be needed to fit-and-finish the resilient frame. But home-owners can take comfort in knowing that the hardest part is done – an assembled structure that will resist severe weather, and last for 100 years, or more.

HabiTek offers the opportunity to create beautifully designed and comfortable shelters anyone can be proud of. Victims who lost their homes, and/or the communities impacted, can design their house as they desire. HabiTek’s proactive approach locks in required strength when the bolts are tightened, creating a safe house that can be assembled by almost anyone rapidly. With some supervision, individuals and families could be employed to build their own home.